Truly Excellent Instant Salad



  • Some spinach/leaves of some kind/lettuce
  • 1 fillet smoked mackerel
  • 1 orange/clementine/satsuma etc
  • 1 cooked beetroot sliced
  • 1/2 tin chickpeas drained and rinsed
  • Herbs to your taste – dill or parsley would be nice
  • Dressing: 1 tsp horseradish, 1 tbsp yoghurt, splash of lemon juice, pepper, herbs if required – mint or tarragon perhaps


Arrange as you desire. Serves two.

Mix and match, add or omit ingredients or change the dressing according to your taste and store cupboard. Smoked mackerel is cheap, delicious and nutritious but you could also use tuna, sardines or…. rollmops! For greenery, rocket, dandelion leaves or watercress can serve instead of spinach or lettuce. Enjoy. Because you’re worth it.



File:Scomber japonicus drawing.jpg



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